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Wilton 2105-0108 18 Cavity Perfect Results Loaf Review

Written by Rachael

One of the best loaf pans in which you can easily cook a dozen of individual mini loves which makes this pan a handy and easy to use.

Having Non-Stick surface, this pan is easy to use and also comes up with 10 years of warranty.

You can cook 18 perfectly-shaped loaves and this can be done at a time easily. Isn’t it awesome?

All loaves of bread size will be equal so you don’t to be worried about the shape.

Although this pan is quite heavier than any other pan but comparing quality and quantity, this can be a perfect choice even if you going to give someone a gift.

Let’s have a brief look at this loaf pan.

Wilton 2105-0108 18 Cavity Perfect Results Loaf

This mini loaf pan enables you to make 18 small loaves at a time.

It’s great for preparing special meals for the whole family and for guests when they come over.

The pan measures 15 by 21 inches. Its features include:



  • Nonstick surface – It’s easy to release the loaves.
  • Square-shaped cavities – The mini bread loaves look lovely.


  • Large capacity
  • Perfectly even baking
  • Easy to use
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Good durability
  • Challenging to store due to its size
  • Measuring the amount of dough per cavity accurately is essential
  • Precise timing is necessary for avoiding dry bread


If you are looking a time saving, easy to wash, easy to cook with multiple breads at a time, this one is the best for you. Perfect heat-resistant quality.

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