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Zojirushi BB-HAC10 Bread Machine Review

Zojirushi BB-HAC10 Overview

The Zojirushi BB-HAC10 is a bread maker that comes packed full of features. This includes the ability to program the bread maker to bake the bread that has been prepared as much as 13 hours after the ingredients have been added. This is ideal to allow you to have fresh bread for breakfast in the morning prepared the night before. As an alternative you can prepare your fresh bread in the morning to be ready for your return from work in the evening.

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A series of preset programs are available to allow you to easily bake different recipes without having to be a bread making expert. Whether you are baking bread, making fresh fruit jams or cakes, you will find that this bread maker can help you. You can also use the bread maker for dough kneading, it is ideal for making the dough for rolls, pizza bases croissants and even pasta or the ingredients for cookies can be prepared by the blender functions.

If you are short of time and need to bake rapidly, this Zojirushi bread maker will come to your aid. Use the speedy baking function to get delicious fresh bread directly from the oven in less than 2 hours. You can set the bread oven to bake crusty bread, medium crust or even a light crust very easily by using the easy to follow LCD control module.

The kneading blades are non-stick and this helps to ensure the dough gets a thorough kneading, leading to consistent results every time. The baking pan is also non-stick and this means the bread comes out of the baking pan very easily. The viewing window means that you can check progress of your blending or baking at all times without having to raise the lid and disturb the kneading or baking process. The control panel is large enough to see, even for those with poor eyesight, and the controls are easy to use.

Features of the Zojirushi BB-HAC10 Home Bakery 1-Pound-Loaf Programmable Mini Breadmaker

  • Fully programmable bread maker to produce top quality cakes and loaves of 1 pound in weight
  • Easy to use settings to make pasta, pizza or cookie dough
  • Can be used for making fresh fruit jams
  • A quick bake cycle for when you need to bake bread fast
  • A 13 hour delayed baking program for convenience
  • Dimensions are 11 x 12 x 8 inches
  • Non-stick blades and a non-stick baking pan make cleaning as easy as possible
  • One year warranty

Zojirushi BB-HAC10 Reputation

The Zojirushi BB-HAC10 Home Bakery Mini Breadmaker is one of the most popular bread makers available today. Reviewers have high praise for this product. Whilst a few had problems because the bread maker that arrived was defective, they were satisfied that the customer support service stepped up and helped them to find a resolution to their problems quickly and easily.

Most reviewers compliment the manufacturer on the quality of the product. Although the manufacturer is not as well known as suppliers such as Panasonic, with their wide range of consumer products, the reviewers recognize that Zojirushi bread makers are leaders in their class. One of the most important factors that reviewers commented on is the ease of cleaning of the bread maker after use. This is really important for many reviewers, as they want to use the bread maker to make a number of different recipes. If it takes a long time to clean the baking pan and the blades this will reduce the number of foods that can be prepared and baked in a certain period of time. Reviewers pointed out that this is important if you are planning a birthday party or a dinner party when the speed of production is really important.

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The preset programs are very comprehensive and will help novice bread makers get started quickly and easily. This feature is really important, as many reviewers believe a novice may be easily turned off from baking their own bread if the results they get are disappointing.


The Zojirushi Home Bakery Mini Breadmaker is a recommended “must buy” bread maker according to the reviewers’ reports. This bread maker will assist novice bread makers, whilst at the same time satisfying the demands of more advanced users. Not only does it allow you get started with good results, but given its precision control settings it will allow expert bakers to get their bread, cakes or other foods that they prepare just right. Why not try the Zojirushi BB-HAC10 Home Bakery 1-Pound-Loaf Programmable Mini Breadmaker and see for yourself? You will be thrilled!

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