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I’d like to give a short overview of how BGB composes their bread maker reviews.

Before we started writing the reviews, we did thorough market research to find out what is currently available on the web, what does the customer want and what is missing. We found a huge number of bread machine review websites, which is a good thing in our opinion. It has to be said that most of these reviews sites are quite similar in setup; a list of ten bread makers, a description of what this bread maker has to offer and a link to an online shop that sells these bread machines.

Let’s be open and honest; I had the same idea in mind; Give a valuable review of some bread makers and provide a link to an online shop that I am affiliated with. The question that I needed to answer is; “what is valuable to someone who is looking for a bread maker?”

Personally, I love baking bread, which is why I got interested in bread makers in the first place! I did not know a great deal about bread makers as I usually knead the dough myself and put it as a bread bun directly in the oven. So, I had a whole lot to learn about bread makers.

After reading through tens of bread maker reviews, I knew a lot more about features and functions of bread makers.  Then I started asking myself the question; how do I know which is the best bread maker on the market? I mean, there are so many different bread machines even the prices can vary from USD 50 all the way up to USD 350.

The conclusion was quite simple; there is not one best bread maker in the market. All have a different combination of features and functions and it all pretty much depends on what you are looking for. For example; if I love sourdough bread then I might prefer a bread maker with a sourdough starter, but if I don’t like sourdough and all I am looking for is an option to make gluten-free bread, then I would want to have a bread maker that has a gluten-free option.

While putting all this together, I realized that someone who is looking for a bread maker must be looking for an overview of the available features and functions. What stoked me is that none of the bread maker review sites had a standardized format that would give you this information. In fact, if I wanted to figure out which functions are available on the bread maker, I had to read through every single bread maker review!

That’s where I found value. I have made comparisons of the functions and features that are available on the bread makers, just leave your Email address and it will be delivered for free in your Email box.

Understanding Features and Functions in Bread Maker Reviews

When you want to buy your first bread maker, it can get overwhelming understanding all functions and features offered and described in this bread machine review post. How would you know if you need an automatic ‘yeast dispenser’ when you have never baked a single loaf of bread before?

This section aims to help those who are looking for their first bread maker and don’t know where to start. It also asks you to think a little bit about the future. Today you might be thinking that you need ‘just a simple’ bread maker. After you have used it for a few months and you gained more experience, maybe you want to try out different recipes. Subsequently, you might need a few more functions on your Bread Maker…

Check below a list of the most important features you should consider to avoid regretting you Bread Maker choice after 6 months baking and gaining experience.

Let’s go;

  1. Nonstick kneading blade and baking pan; Though very standard nowadays, please do double check this, you don’t want to cut your bread out of the baking pan…
  2. Bread Making Recipes book; Many bread makers come with a recipe book allowing you to start out immediately!
  3. Bread shape; Not all bread makers follow the traditional concept of rectangularly shaped loaves. That are some very odd sized and shaped bread pans on the market; please do check if you’re satisfied it.
  4. Bread size; Besides the size of the bread pan, some bread makers allow you to choose the bread size when you back, up to 5 different sizes!
  5. Making dough; besides using your bread maker to knead and bake bread, it often can also be used to knead dough for cookies, pasta, fresh fruit jams, etc.…
  6. Quick bake cycle; a program that allows you to bake bread in a shorter time (approx. 2 hrs) than the regular cycles (approx. 3 hrs). Some bread machine advice you to use ‘quick rise yeast’ in other you can also you normal or instant yeast.
  7. Pre-programmed cycles; most machines nowadays come with a set of pre-programmed bread cycles as different pieces of bread have different needs, e.g. white bread, whole wheat, French bread, sweet bread, pizza dough, etc
  8. Homemade cycle; for the experienced bread baker, some machines allow you to program your own cycle and decide on kneading, rising and backing time yourself.
  9. Dual blade or single blade; usually the number of blades depend on the size of the bread pan. The good thing about dual blades is that it increases the chance that all ingredients are properly mixed but on the other hand it will also leave 2 big holes in your loaf.
  10. Delay times; if you’d like to wake up in the morning to freshly baked bread, this feature is a MUST.
  11. Viewing window; for those who want to see the progress of bread baking. There are different readings about whether it’s useful to have this feature. Some say that that is too dark inside the bread maker to see anything other than highlight that it’s the place where the bread maker loses head preventing the bread from baking even…
  12. Measuring spoon, measuring cup; Some bread makers supply this, can be useful when the new recipe you’re trying out is using unfamiliar measurements.
  13. Sourdough starter; the recipe for sourdough is not very different from normal bread but the rise time is longer and requires steam in the beginning. If you love sourdough bread, it’s going to be a great feature!
  14. Dispenser for yeast and or Raisin; these separate dispensers are especially useful when you use the delay timer.
  15. Crust Control; Do you want to prefer a hard crust of soft crust? Some bread makers let you choose!

These are 15 features to look for in the bread maker reviews. I hope they help you to understand them better and make a good decision when you need to choose!

Best Bread Machine (REVIEWS)

In this section, we help you select the best bread maker that suits your needs. On this website, you will find detailed bread maker reviews and bread maker comparisons of the top 10 most popular bread machines on the market.

1. Panasonic Bread Machine SD-YD250

panasoni sd-yd250 breadmaker reviews

This Panasonic Bread Machine is one of the top sellers in the market. We encourage you to read the full bread maker review and do consider the following remarks from users before you decide;

  • Not all baking options can be combined. For example, a Multigrain bread will always come with a dark crust. The crust control feature can only be used for white bread and wholemeal bread.
  • The recipes in the free recipe booklet come with odd measurements (for example 16thor 32ndcups)
  • This bread maker is rather large, it measures 13.4 x 9.1 x 14 inches

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2. Sunbeam Bread Machine 5891

The most popular Sunbeam Bread Machine is the 5891 bread machine. This Sunbeam has a wide range of options that will definitely satisfy you. Some of the most important feedback from users is that we’d like you to be aware of is;

  • The recipe book is not outstanding. You are encouraged to make sure you have your own bread making recipe book.
  • Make sure that you have your own measurements equipment when you start baking your first bread. This machine does not come with a starters set of measurement equipment.

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3. Zojirushi Bread Maker BB-CEC20

This Zojirushi bread maker is a pure quality bread machine and is suitable for both the beginner as well as the advanced bread maker. This machine comes with a sourdough starter and has many positive reviews from users;

  • On Amazon, you can find many more positive than negative reviews. Most of the negative reviews discuss the quality of the bread that is produced by this machine. Take note that the quality of bread is very much influenced by the quality of ingredients and accurate measurements.

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4. West Bend Bread Maker 41410

This West Bend Bread Maker has a wide range of features that includes a ‘gluten-free’ option. This bread maker very well received by the users but we’d like you to take note of the following user feedback;

  • The bread maker manual is disappointing
  • The bread machine comes with 2 kneading blades which ensure that even heavy cereal wholemeal bread will have a consistent output.
  • The nickname ‘Hi-Rise’ (referring to dough that rises ‘high’) has been confirmed to be right.
  • Not mentioned in the instruction book, many users recommend you to run the machine empty the first time you use it. This is to avoid a ‘plastic taste’ of your first few loafs.

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5. Cuisinart Bread Machine CBK-100

A great Cuisinart bread machine for both the beginner and the advanced bread maker. Take note of the following feedback from Cuisinart CBK-100 users;

  • The ‘beep’ is experienced to be very loud.
  • Some customers indicate that the kneading paddle could break.
  • This machine is also described as ‘programmable bread maker’, take note that you can’t program your own ‘homemade cycle’.

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6. Cuisinart Bread Machine CBK-200

The CBK-200 Cuisinart Bread Machine can produce bigger loaves than its ‘brother’ the CBK-100. Besides the bread size we’d like you to be aware of the following feedback from users;

  • The CBK-200 machine comes with a fan to evenly control and distribute the heat in the machine
  • The Bread pan is made out of rather thin aluminum and some users complain that the nonstick layer peels off.
  • The crust control has disappointed some users; they experience ‘burnt crust’ even when the medium crust option has been selected.
  • One user explained that sweet bread does not succeed too well  because this bread maker bakes ‘very hot’.

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7. Breadman Bread Maker TR2500BC

This Breadman bread maker is very well received by its users. It comes with two ‘special features’; a ‘dispenser for nut and raisins’ and the option the bake ‘gluten-free’ bread. Do take note of one ‘mechanical issue’ that is experienced by many;

  • The bread pan seems to jump off the drive during the kneading process.

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8. Zojirushi Bread Maker BB-HAC10

This Zojirushi bread maker is specially developed for the smaller households and very well received by its users. In fact it has only received 4 and 5 star ratings in Amazon. This is what users say;

  • As this unit only produces one pound loaves it is ideal for for small households who love freshly baked bread.
  • An uncommon option; you can choose you bread textures; regular, firm, or soft.
  • But don’t get fooled by the description ‘Programmable bread maker’, you can only select different bread cycles and not program your own homemade cycle.

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9. West Bend Bread Maker 41400

The second West Bread Bread Maker in the top 10. This bread machine is able to bake bigger loafs. This is what users say;

  • It us a rather big machine and needs quite a lot of counter space.
  • The machine seems to have excessive vibration during kneading.
  • Actual users recommended this machine specifically for beginner bread makers.

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10. Breadman Bread Maker TR520

A decent Breadman bread maker that suits the basic needs. Highly recommended for the beginner bread maker.

  • Your bread may turn out poor if you are not using the yeast brand recommended by Breadman.
  • The colors on the programming panel (white font and yellow background) is rather difficult to read.

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